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"I am extremely happy with my site. Tim and Zaviaer did a fantastic job and were very receptive to my comments during the design process. The outcome is a sleek looking site that will be a great tool for my business. This was worth the investment."

Trinity Wheeler


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Miva Merchant Ecommerce Solutions

The Miva Merchant E-Commerce solution - Free with purchace of Miva Hosting from ABC Web Service

Top notch Miva 5.5 Merchant support.

Why Miva Shopping Cart? We think it is the most cost-effective and reliable Shopping Cart today.

Best Shopping Cart Of Both Worlds.

Tens of thousands of businesses and developers depend on Miva. Since 1996, Miva has been a leading provider of scalable shopping cart systems for a variety of needs. E-Merchants build and manage robust shopping cart using nothing more than a browser. Developers use XML based Miva Script for development. The best shopping cart of both worlds for UNIX and Windows platforms

Miva Merchant is a browser based Storefront and Catalog development tool that integrates cataloging, product maintenance, category management, shopping basket, order and credit card processing. Developers can use the browser based interface to build stores or can get "under the hood" with complete access to the underlying source codes written in XML based Miva Script. Merchants manage their stores with a user friendly browser based interface.

View demos of the Shopping Cart and Administration Screens:

Shopping Cart
The Miva fresh online store is an online storefront that demonstrates one possible implementation of the Miva Merchant Storefront Development and Management System.

No special programming skills are needed. Miva Merchant allows you to build your online store front by using only your browser. Its point and click console make it easy for anyone to open an online store.

As a leading e-commerce solution, Miva Merchant 5.5 includes:

* Advanced catalog, customer and order management systems.
* No limits on the amount of store data.
* Complete store design control with new Store Morph Technologyâ„¢.
* Integrated credit card processing and shipping calculation.
* An expansive list of add-on modules and services.

Miva Merchant Feature List

Easy-to-Use Administration Tools

Web accessible administration interface. Nothing to install on your computer.
Version history records each change for many store design components.
Version recall enables you to experiment, and create alternate versions, without risk.
Navigation tree directs you to all aspects of your online store settings.
Links to the store provide an easy way to view changes as you work.

Catalog Management

Unlimited products.
Unlimited categories and sub-categories.
Create detailed product descriptions with text or HTML.
Create user-defined custom fields for each product, such as ISBN, UPC, Manufacturer, etc.
Assign thumbnail and full-size images to each product.

Inventory and Merchandising

Low Stock and Out of Stock inventory levels for each product.
Display customized inventory level messages for each product or universally.
Hide out-of-stock products from customers.
Receive email notifications for low or out of stock products.
Associate unlimited related products.
Offer upsale products based on order total, items purchased, or both.
Define product characteristics with attributes.
Add additional prices or weight to individual attribute options.
Multiple attribute display types, including drop-down boxes, radio buttons, and text fields.
Use attribute templates to assign sets of attributes to multiple products.
Changes to an attribute template can be copied to all products referencing it.
Set order minimums based on price, quantity, or both.
Display custom message for not meeting order minimum.

Customer Management

Encourage repeat business with customer accounts.
Provide customers easy access to their account details and addresses.
Create price groups to offer special pricing for specific customers.
Use availability groups to offer hidden products to specific customers.
Assign customers to one or multiple Miva Merchant Mailer mailing lists.

Affiliate Programs

Promote your store by working with affiliates.
Set affiliate commission levels based on order total, traffic referred, or a combination of both.
Online affiliate accounts enable affiliates to see earnings, retrieve store links and banners, and view program agreement. Track all affiliate earnings and payouts through a simple affiliate management system.

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