Here are the steps we follow to create a website.  We hope you will find this useful, if you have any questions feel free to call 954-564-3300 or email

1) Visit several websites and copy the address of each site you like.    Then tell us what you liked about each of the links, colors, how something is displayed on the page or how it works.    Any details you can give us will help our designer in the next step. Also, this is a great moment to think about what type of content you want to include on your front page. For example if you want it to have a summary about who you are and your company’s mission, or list your services.

2) Once we have the information from you, our designer will do a layout for you to review .

In reviewing the layout and address any changes you feel are necessary.    We will then make the requested changes to the mockup and send you a link to the revised layout.

This step will be repeated until you are satisfied with the layout and final design.

3) Approve the layout by sending us an email or fax stating that you have approved the layout and are ready to proceed in creating the pages and adding content.

Once the layout is approved and page creation process is started the layout is locked.    If you change your mind and wish to adjust the layout you will be charged at our hourly rate to make these changes as they will have to be done to every page.

4) We are now ready for the content you will provide for each page.     Please send all final draft, pre-approved content (images, text and documents) to us in digital format via email or CD marked clearly with the page it goes on.    We will provide you a link to the beta testing site so you can review the site we are creating the pages and adding content.

5) Site review and testing.    Once we have the site complete we will ask you to review and test the site for any needed changes.   Once you are happy with the site and have given your final approval we will make it live for the public.

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