ABC Web Service can help you protect and optimize your blog.

What does that mean?

Not long ago, blogs along with its VIP blogs went down.  The cause was created by a “core change in the router.”  For nearly two hours, 10.2 million blogs were inaccessible.  Imagine the amount of lost opportunities to communicate with customers or potential customers during that short span of time….There is a simple solution to the problem.

ABC Web Service is ready to help you create your own blog with the security of  knowing that regardless of what happens to free sites like Blogger, Blog Catalog, Blog Spot,, etc. your blog is safe.

Here are a few simple facts that support hosting your own web site blog:

  1. You can integrate your blog page with other pages on your web site. Direct surfers from your blog to other parts of your web site increasing traffic.
  2. Host your own blog and avoid having advertisements such as those found on Google or Yahoo placed on your blog.
  3. Feel secure in the knowledge that you can back up all your blog posts. This is not always possible when blogging on a hosting site.
  4. Using WordPress “software” makes blogging easy. This software is not to be confused with the website that hosts blogs. As a result, you don’t have to worry if the hosting site goes down and your blog posts disappearing.
  5. WordPress software is a search engine compliant blogging system.
  6. Have total freedom to design your blog to fit your web site’s look and feel.
  7. Content control is entirely up to you and you alone. You don’t have to be restricted or limited by what certain blog sites demand.
  8. Blog posts with keyword rich content make it easier for search engines to find out what your business is about and what keywords are relevant to your site. The more content you post the higher your website can appear in the search engine rankings for your keywords.
  9. You can use your own web site domain name to host your blog.

Let the team at ABC Web Service provide you with the ease and freedom to manage your own blog. Get started controlling your blog today when you call us at 954-564-3300.

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