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    New Year, New Location and Google Local

    In mid-December ABC Web Service moved our office to a new location. We are very excited as the new office is much nicer, a bit larger and in a great location! It took a lot of time  to move the furniture and computers and everything else in the office.  It has also taken us a lot of time to change the address on our bank accounts, our credit cards, let our vendors know we have moved and of course let…

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    WordPress is Not Just for Blogging

    WordPress is so much more than just blogging software! Using WordPress as a Content Management System gives the website owner a powerful tool to market their business. We know that keeping your website updated can help in search engine rankings. Regularly adding fresh content to your website can keep your link above your competitors in the search engines. WordPress allows the business owner to update the text and images on their website. This puts you in control of your website, there is no need to call your…

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    Sell Your Products On a Website – It’s Easy

    Have you thought about selling your products on a website? It is not as daunting of a task as it sounds. There are many brands of shopping cart software available that allow even those people who are not a full fledged geeks to add products and images easily via the store admin panel. Simple step by step clicks are all it takes to quickly stock the store and ready it for customers. The software also enables online store owners to…

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    Blackhat SEO Techniques cost J. C. Penney Search Rankings

    Blackhat SEO J.C. Penny has enjoyed great rankings for many popular keywords for quite some time. Many of the keywords would make you think of other retailers, not just J.C. Penny. Thousands of keyword phrase links were placed by someone on websites across the web leading to the J.C. Penny website. These links then caused Google to rank the J.C. Penny website very high. Many of the sites were abandoned and were just used to promote these links. Building links…

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