In mid-December ABC Web Service moved our office to a new location. We are very excited as the new office is much nicer, a bit larger and in a great location! It took a lot of time  to move the furniture and computers and everything else in the office.  It has also taken us a lot of time to change the address on our bank accounts, our credit cards, let our vendors know we have moved and of course let our customers know the new address.

One of the most important address changes we had to do is update our Google Places Listing! Updating an existing Google Local listing can take weeks! We also had to update the address with Bing and Yahoo and lots and lots of online directories like Yelp, City Search, Twitter, Facebook…… The list seems never ending. It is important that this information is updated as soon as possible, every day that Google has the old address online is a day we might lose a potential customer if they stop by the old office and we are not to be found.

Keeping online business information current and accurate can be time consuming but it is absolutely necessary. Today people look online to find information about businesses, store hours, address and phone numbers and much more. Even if you have not moved ABC can help you keep your online information accurate and up to date. If your business is not yet listed in Google Places or many other online sources we can do that for you.

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