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    Proximity Marketing or beacon marketing is an innovative location based marketing approach for brick and mortar businesses. It is a way of advertising content through Bluetooth signals to nearby phones and tablets, this is referred to as beacon technology.

    What is a Beacon?

    Proximity Marketing iBeacon, beacon technologyBeacons are small, yet powerful devices, as the one the picture. We even find them sexy! (keep that a secret) However, how they look like it’s not important, it’s what they do that matters.

    Here are some examples of location based advertising and what beacon technology can do:

    – Jennifer is looking at shoes and she approaches an isle with a certain style of shoes, suddenly she receives a notification on her phone that offers a discount on the same exact shoe styles that she’s looking at.

    How did that happen? There was a beacon in that isle!

    – John owns an ice cream shop on a busy intersection, it’s over 90 degrees outside and people at the stop light in front of the shop are suddenly receiving notifications about John’s ice cream parlor, with a 10% OFF coupon!

    How did that happen? It turns out that John (wise man) placed a beacon on his window.

    – Mark owns a massage spa and he’s looking for a way to increase his repeat customers and rather than a boring E-mail campaign, he heard about beacon marketing and decides to try it. Now, when a client leaves the spa they get a notification offering a discount on their next visit.

    How did that happen? Mark placed a beacon near his exit door.

    These are just a few examples of ways in which beacons can be used, but there are limitless opportunities available.

    Essentially, beacons are used to:

    • Send notifications or ads to a nearby phone or tablet, via URL links or document links (attachments)
    • Gather data about customer behavior and track conversions

    By doing this, you are directly improving customer experience and potentially increasing conversions. Beacons allow you to reach the right person at the right time and it allows the customer to have a unique experience.

    So, what are you waiting for? This is a new technology that will soon be everywhere. We are one of the few companies offering this in South Florida and you should take advantage of that and strike while the iron’s hot, before your competitor does.

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