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    Pay Per Click Services – Campaigns Can Increase Your Sales!

    If you are a business owner you most likely advertise using a traditional media like the newspaper or the yellow-pages. Be sure not to overlook the value of advertising on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing!  By opening a Pay Per Click Services (PPC) account you can reach out to people all over the country or just in your local geographical area. Setting up the account, doing keyword research, setting a online advertising budget and writing the ads are…

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    Google Quality Score and Bids – Save Money on Adwords

    Did you ever ask yourself why your AdWords bids are going thru the roof? Maybe you should improve your Quality Score. How to improve your Google Quality Score? Categorize your Ad Groups, optimize your landing page, and improve your ads. Categorize your ad groups inside your campaign. Let’s say that you offer life and health insurance plans. Well, you should create to different ad groups, one for the life insurance keywords and one for the health insurance keywords, instead of…

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