—and What It Can Do for Yours

When you think about promoting your business, you need to be thinking SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media has completely revolutionized the landscape of business promotion, blowing other prominent marketing tools out of the water.

Dell, the popular Laptop and PC retailer, has generated over $1 million from their interactions on Twitter, the latest “mini blog” social media outlet on the web. BlendTec, a company selling high powered blenders, increased their sales five times over, by using YouTube to share quirky videos of their products blending everything from whole foods to a sneaker. President Barack Obama used Facebook during his campaign and gained over 5 million friends and more significantly, $500 million in fundraising through his social media network.

With our Social Networking service, your business could have a social media success story of its own.

The social media phenomenon has the potential to go beyond the power of print ads, commercials and web sites. It’s a force to be reckoned with, and here’s why.

It’s about the people.

Social media works because it’s not about businesses talking AT potential customers, bragging about why they should admire them while they squeal, “Buy me now!”

Facebook, Twitter and other networks are so darn infectious because they step back from the typical, “aggressive/desperate seller” “naive/intimidated buyer” model, and offers a neutral ground of communication. The spotlight isn’t solely focused a company’s product or service, it’s an interactive way to get engaged, creative, funny and plain old human with your network of friends.

Satisfied customers and entertained network followers are the people that share info and links about their experiences with your amazing business. Imagine the potential business that would come from re-links to your products. Your website being mentioned and posted again and again over a host of websites and blogs could increase your brand and your bottom line by leaps and bounds.

ABC Web Service will create and maintain these networks for you. Our service provides regular social media updates, so you’ll never have to worry about tweeting, blogging or adding Facebook friends. However, you will be able to login, contribute and interact with your network friends as often as you’d like. We can setup interactive applications to further establish lines of communication with your followers, allowing you to respond to positive or negative feedback and gain your social network’s trust. We also organize promotions, contests, special coupons and anything else you could think of to propel your business to new heights.

Social media has been a hit for countless entrepreneurs, big and small, looking to promote their business. Billions of dollars later, the results speak for themselves. Here’s an article from our friends at DesignRush with small businesses social media strategies.

Clearly, it works. Why not let it work for you?

Time is money, so don’t waste another minute! Call us at (954) 564-3300 and see why we are ranked amongst the top Social Media Marketing Agencies in Fort Lauderdale

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