– Catch the Eyes of Web Surfers that Once Ignored You

Whoever said “don’t judge a book by its cover” didn’t know too much about the online marketing business. Just like the latest trends and fashions, one season a website’s hot, next season, not. Perfect example– at one point in web design history, having Flash and animation cramped into every viable inch of a website was all the rage and considered very “cutting edge”. Today, web designers realize that users find too much flash irritating they create websites that cut to the point.
Yet it seems that millions of websites haven’t gotten the memo on flash and other off putting practices—they continue to dangle in cyberspace, overlooked and unappreciated because they’re hanging on to the past. And if you happen to have poor navigation, weak copywriting and old, inconsistent content or images, you can forget about making a major splash in your industry. Plain and simple, web surfers find a book’s cover just as important as the good stuff on the inside.
If you want to more get visits, get noticed and get long-term clients, customers or subscribers, the solution is rather simple:
Get your website remodeled!
Fresh custom web design, effective promotion and clean, snappy web copy are just fraction of the web design tools that can pull your website out of the abyss and into the spot light.
Keys to a successful Website Makeover
-What you want from a web design company
• A sleek and modern design
– When people visit your website, they should see a reflection of your organization; you not only want them to see where your business has been, you want to create interest in where your business is headed! Professional, intellectual design that’s built with clear navigation, organization and beauty establishes an air of authenticity.
• Content That Speaks to Your Audience
– Useful relevant content is the difference between being just another website and being the GO TO website. Many folks only scan web text to determine whether it’s worth the read. Your site’s web copy should be current, tell people who you are and why they should care, in a matter of seconds. Each page shouldn’t read like a printed brochure or marketing material— great content is factual, holds interest, makes readers feel empowered and most importantly, it closes the deal.
• Become More Visible!
You could have the best design and the best content from here to Bangkok, Thailand, but who’s going to know that if they can’t find you? Making your website more SEO (search engine optimization) friendly can catapult your online business to the top of popular search engines, like Google or Yahoo. Increased visibility translates into more visits and more business!
Using a quality web design company provides a great opportunity to examine what’s right and what’s not so right with your website. If you’re shopping cart gets abandoned in the middle of a purchase, web designers can simplify the process or give a professional opinion on small changes that can make big improvements. If your visitors stay longer than average but still do not buy, a make-over can help turn visits into purchases and commitments!
New websites are born every few seconds. Remaining relevant on the internet scene is certainly more difficult than it is was 10, or even 5 years ago, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take control of your success.
If you could make your website could gain exposure to hundreds and thousands of new people, become one of the first sites that people see on search engines, and were constantly running out of merchandise or needing to purchase more website because you’re getting TOO MUCH traffic, wouldn’t you? Then it’s time to get a face lift!

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