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Getting Cozy with Social Media

Social Media might be familiar for you, or perhaps it’s a fuzzy buzzword that has caused you unnecessary grief and anxiety. Rest assured, it is a worthwhile endeavor, and it is your friend.

Social Media Benefits
• Increasing Traffic
• Increasing Brand Awareness
• Direct Communication With Target Customers
• Increasing Business Credibility
• Developing a Loyal Network community
• Promoting Content/Blogs/Specials/Contests/Promotions/News

Social Media MarketingSimply put, social media uses the web’s traditional media channels, such as print, video and blogging, to transform the way people communicate. Information no longer has to be disseminated from one creator to many consumers; anyone can become a disseminator, many creators can share with many consumers and vice-versa.

This wonderful byproduct of the new millennium has given us the ability to promote your brand and website, and it should not be ignored. Social media networking has the best investment to return ratio compared to any other online promotional tool. Thanks to ever-evolving programming technology, social media networks are accessible almost anywhere by phone or computer. Links, attention, and loads of web traffic with the potential for repeat visitors are just the beginning when you dive into the networking pool.

However, it’s not the cool features or even the easy accessibility that makes social media marketing successful. It’s the aura of authenticity that people feel when connecting with other people as opposed to overbearing product peddlers. It is also the ability to gain credibility and earn the trust of social network friends. Social networking accounts used for marketing have to walk a fine balance of gentle advertising and informal conversations. Social networkers are like bloodhounds, they can smell an over-the-top advertisement thinly veiled as a social media from miles away. When used correctly, users will talk, click and share information about you, creating natural links and exposing you to a mass group of people spontaneously. The thousands of dollars you would spend to buy links can stay in your pocket as social media users often interact with and share and spread your links naturally.

In addition to being marketing tool, it allows your business to get a glimpse into the minds of your target consumers. Sharing blogs, discounts and even holding contests on your social networks are great ways to impress your social network fans, but listening to them is even better. Knowing how to please potential customers by addressing concerns or ideas shared on networks further strengthens their loyalty and fortifies your bond with them. With a plethora of social networks available, including the popular Facebook and Twitter, we’ll connect you with perfectly suited social networks that will accommodate your website.

Our marketing team can build a social media marketing plan for you, increasing your exposure, targeting the right customers and making people feel that your business is authentic and personal. The more buzz created about your brand and your website, the more credibility you gain – strengthening your brand and increasing traffic.

Apart from paid social media marketing, we also offer organic Social Media Management, to help you with content creation for your social media channels and keeping your profiles up-to-date with daily posts and stories. In today’s world, posting on a daily basis, sometimes even multiple times a day, is essential for the success of any social media campaign.

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