With the Coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world in the last few months, individuals and businesses alike have felt the wrath of this virus in diverse ways. With the social distancing rules taking effect to curb the spread of the virus, a lot of issues have been raised. For most people, it’s been challenging trying to keep themselves and their loved ones safe while for others it’s been terrifying worrying about their loved ones and at the same time struggling to keep their business alive.

In the recent times, we’ve seen businesses closed down, large companies going bankrupt or declaring insolvency, meetings canceled, cafes closed, both large malls and small shops shut down all in the bid to reduce crowded situations or avoid physical contact with people. Consequently, most activities have moved online with companies like zoom taking advantage of the situation to rake millions of dollars in a short while.

As a business person, the question is, how do you improve your online presence to make even more conversions or sales despite the pandemic? If you are yet to have an online presence or create a website for your business, now would be the right time to book an appointment with a good web design agency like our Fort Lauderdale web design agency and discuss ways to get yourself a spot on the online space. With that in mind, let’s look at the few ways you can enhance your website during this pandemic for more sales.

Keep your customers up to date about new developments

It’s no surprise that many businesses are affected in many ways and yours is not an exception. From customer service response times, working hours, delivery times to supply chains, there’s bound to be an unfavorable shift. However, since we all are affected by this pandemic, your customers will understand why this is happening but you must inform them about it. By putting up messages on your website, social media pages, and sending out emails or newsletters to keep your customers or clients up to date, you’re sure to have your reputation and business intact when all these are over.

Improve employee communication using your website intranet features

With everyone advised to stay at home, most employees will prefer to work from home to avoid making physical contact with people at the office. This can be a bit difficult if you do not have a strong communication structure. Therefore, it’s time to take advantage of your website’s intranet capabilities. If you have an employee’s section on your website, integrate features like file-sharing apps, slack chats, Wrike, zoom, and remote scheduling apps to help you keep in touch with your team at all times.

Set up or upgrade your website’s eCommerce functionality

It’s all clear to everyone that one of the best ways to evade the virus is by avoiding crowded places. In as much as the physical stores and grocery stores seem overwhelmed, people will do anything possible to avoid going there at all hence resorting to shopping online. Therefore, if you have anything to sell, now will be a good time to take advantage of your website by adding or upgrading your website’s eCommerce capabilities. Update your inventory, pricing features, improve your marketing and you’ll be surprised at how much revenue you would generate in a short while.

Keep your inventory, scheduling and logistics information up to date

While some products might go out of stock on your website due to the inability to get new supplies, it will be wrong not to let your potential buyers or customers know this. Always keep your inventory up to date. If the delivery times have changed for any product due to challenges with your logistics company, it’s also important to reflect this on the delivery times. Clearer and updated information about your sales will build more confidence in your customers.

Pay more attention to your online ads and Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

With lots of businesses and companies cutting down their workforce and many people losing their jobs, buying patterns are bound to have a drastic turn on the negative. If you have Pay-Per-Click campaigns running for your website, it’s important to watch them closely and be ready to review or shut down anyone without positive returns or an effect on your customers.

Make and share more videos about your services

If your business relies on face-to-face and personal demonstrations to make sales, you can find new ways to overcome the social distancing rules. Take advantage of your website by shooting and uploading videos and product demonstrations to it. More so, it will be a plus to your website since your SEO and google ranks will be improved when you upload more videos and images.

Increase your brand awareness with positive messages via social media

With the global downturn of events, the COVID-19 global pandemic has brought nothing short of depression and gloomy atmosphere in many homes. You can take advantage of the situation to create more awareness about your brand and your services using social media and your website as a landing page. By sharing positive messages on social media using text and graphics that will point readers to your website, you’ll be putting smiles on people’s faces who might eventually become your clients thereby creating interactions and expanding your online presence and social worth.

There’s no assurance that things will fully get back to the way they were before the coronavirus pandemic era. As a good business strategist, it will be wise to have a rethink on the way you run your business by taking full advantage of having a strong online presence starting from your website. Investing in your website even as a small business will open up more opportunities that will not just help your business succeed, but also thrive under any pressure.

To enjoy the benefits of a strong online presence, it’s best to bring the experts on board making things much easier to manage. Our Fort Lauderdale web design agency is always ready to work with you to help you succeed post-COVID-19 keeping your costs down.

Call ABC Web Service today at (954) 564-3300 and will be ready to help you reshape your business for a better future.

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