Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

When speaking with new clients about the content and website images for their new site, we always caution that it is inappropriate to take images from other websites or places like Google Images. Not only is it inappropriate, it can result in a costly lawsuit from the copyright owner of the images. If you decide to grab an image from the web and use it on your site you can be liable for damages.

So many people believe that if an image is on the web it is fair game to use as they please, this is a mistake. Companies that provide stock photography for use on websites and printed material routinely surf the web looking for copyright violators and will send cease and desist letters with settlement demands for $1000.00 or more per image.

Use caution and common sense, purchase the images from a well-known stock image broker or take the images you need with your camera. If you use an image without permission or a license you are stealing!

Below are some examples of stock image companies you can purchase licensed images from to use on your website or printed material.