Every year many of us make resolutions to do things differently than in the past. Some want to lose weight or quit smoking, business owners might want to spend more time with their family or increase sales over last year.

One of the most important resolutions a business owner can make is to dedicate resources and time to get the most  out of their website. Be sure to update and promote your website regularly.  This is the digital age, more and more customers are turning to the web to look for products and services. Business owners need to be on top of this trend and provide an informative, attractive, up to date website that answers questions about their business.

Things to think about when making your list of new year resolutions:

Does your business have a website? If no you are behind the times and most likely the competition. A website is one of the most important investments in your business you can make. Having a website is like having a 24 hour a day salesman promoting your business.

Have you added or removed services or products? Have you updated this information on your website? Keep the information on your site as up to date as possible, you would not send an employee to speak to a customer if they do not have the knowledge needed to educate your customer.

Are you cutting back on the expensive Yellow Page ads? If yes you can take advantage of the savings and promote your website in the search engines and social networks. The return on your investment can be surprising!

Is your business listed in the local section of Google, Yahoo or Bing? Is the inforation accurate?  Customers are using local search terms to find business in areas close to their homes. Is your business showing up  for local searches?

Keeping your new year resolutions  can be difficult but can you afford not to? ABC Web Service is here to help you keep your resolution to increase your business in the new year.

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