Content Management Systems (CMS) are gaining in popularity and allow website owners to edit and add information and images easily. Once you login to your CMS administration area you can simply click a page and edit it from any computer in the world.  There are many CMS systems currently available that are open source and free to use. Depending on your skill level you may want to hire a professional to install and configure your CMS software on the server. Once the system is installed and skinned almost anyone with basic computer skill can make updates to the website.

For smaller websites we like to use WordPress as a CMS system. It is easy to use, stable and secure it is also search engine friendly. WordPress is used on thousands of websites worldwide.  There are many plugins available can add functionality to the software at the click of a button.

Another CMS system we have used is CMS Made Simple. This is also easy to use but does require manual updating of the software from time to time. There is a community where you can download modules to extend functionality of the CMS.

Joomla is one of the powerhouses of Content Management Systems. While the interface can be daunting and complicated the software is very robust and customizable. We would only recommend using Joomla for larger projects that require extended functionality that is not available in the other CMS mentioned above. Several hours training might be needed to administer the site depending on the way it is built

Keep in mind, no matter what CMS you decide to use you will have to be sure to keep the software updated to be secure. Over all CMS systems can save you time and money by allowing you or one of your staff members to update your own website easily.

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