Did you ever ask yourself why your AdWords bids are going thru the roof?

Maybe you should improve your Quality Score.

How to improve your Google Quality Score?

Categorize your Ad Groups, optimize your landing page, and improve your ads.

Categorize your ad groups inside your campaign.
Let’s say that you offer life and health insurance plans. Well, you should create to different ad groups, one for the life insurance keywords and one for the health insurance keywords, instead of mixing all keywords inside one single ad group. This can lower the cost of your campaigns.

Landing Page Optimization.

A good investment to improve not only your quality score but also your organic results is to improve your landing page by doing an SEO campaign. This should reflect an improvement on your Quality Store and on your site’s organic results on search engines, killing two birds with one stone.

Ad Improvement.
Keep in mind that your ad should contain your main keyword, as well as your landing page. Having your main keyword somewhere on your ad will greatly improve your Quality Score.

By following these simple recommendations you should be able to lower your AdWords bids, get more leads, and improve your site’s organic ranking on major search engines.

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