These days, there is a good deal talk about building customer relationships. One of the best and simplest ways to cement an on going and enduring relationship with clients is through the use of email newsletters.

According to Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey conducted in 2009 and released that same year, “internet consumers worldwide (90%) trust recommendations from people they know. While seven in every ten (70%) trust consumer opinions posted on line.” Susan D Whiting, Executive Vice President of the Nielsen Company wrote that today’s consumers are “better connected to media, marketing and each other than ever before.

Take these facts together and you can see how establishing a solid connection with your customers through e-newsletters can instantly help grow your business. The advantages are many and the results verifiable. Below is a list that provides you with some of the basic benefits of e-newsletters.

  • Solidify your relationship with customers through a personalized form of communication. Email newsletters bring a personal dynamic to a rather impersonal form of communication — the internet.
  • Using the opt-in and out functions, if the underlying functions are kept simple, is a great way to win confidence of both existing and new customers. Because they must choose to receive the e-newsletter, your e-newsletter will not be perceived as an annoyance.
  • Provide a “forward to a friend” or “share with your network” button provides you the potential of reaching many new clients. With the newsletter forwarded by a friend, you receive an implied “seal of approval” or word of mouth recommendation.
  • Track customer responses to promotions or news items. Understand what your customers are responding to the most that helps build customer trust.
  • Save money in advertising while increasing your marketing audience immediately.
  • Keep your customers advised about industry news or trends in the fastest and cheapest way possible. Providing business tips can build your websites brand and authority when you give customers information that is helpful to their business’s bottom line. They will love you for the service!

To fully utilize the success of an email newsletter, remember that most people will skim content rather than seriously read word for word. It is advisable to keep your content succinct with heading designed to attract the reader. And remember, be considerate about how often you send out your newsletter. You want customers to look forward to hearing from you.

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