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How long has it been since your website was updated: a week, a month, a year, perhaps years? You created your website to help advertise your products or services and to create new relationships. But, are you doing what is needed to get the best results from your investment?

Your favorite search engine crawler (Google, MSN, or Bing for example) analyzes every page of every website based upon formulas called algorithms that are protected trade secrets. However, some information about what increases website ranking is known.

For instance, the more regularly you update your website, the more you increase the chance of improving your company’s ranking.

Thus, you do your business a major disservice without constantly refreshing some of the content on your website, For example, you have new product lines available, new services or expertise in your industry that you haven’t shared with your customers. Perhaps there is news within your industry or your company has received recognition that should be shared with your customers.

New pages on older sites help increase your site ranking. But, new pages need to be information-rich and contain relevant content that is worded to make the search engines validate the pages.

How often do you want customers to return to your website? That depends upon the type of business you have and what kind of relationship you want to establish with your customer base. Give them a reason to keep returning weekly or monthly and they will.

Perhaps your website can use a face lift, new photos, new headings, or new keywords to increase the vitality of your website and the image of a growing business.

ABC Web Service takes the pain out of updating content. Don’t fret. Don’t worry about wording, about keywords, about posting on social media platforms. We can handle your business communication needs by regularly updating and blasting news and commentary with vivid, engaging text.

We are dedicated to saving you time and money and freeing you to focus on what is important — growing your business. Our

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